Mike recommends Burnham boilers, a best buy for years of service
Go green for energy savings, let Mike upgrade you to top of the line Honeywell controllers
Rough-ins for new construction or remodeling; nobody does it better than Mike
All of Mike's installations are neat, clean, straight and level
Mike likes the solid engineering of Viessmann boilers
Radiant flooring, warm and comfortable; Mike installs the best systems made by Viega
Designer faucets and fixtures by Moen, a favorite choice by many of Mike's customers
American Standard, Mike's favorite one-piece toilet maker
Forced air cooling, let Mike set you up before the next summer heat wave
Mike says, 'Nothing beats a nice soak by the fire with your honey!'
Mikes says, 'Walk in comfort, room to share!'
Mike says, 'My customers know what they want and hire me for the job!'
Mike says, 'Your designer, my craftsmanship!'
Mike says, 'Tankless isn't industrial, its practical!'
Mike says, 'A spa feeling at home!'
Mike says, 'Basic upgrades increase your homes value!'
Mike says, 'European or traditional, its your choice!'
Mike says, 'Bidets are hygienic, and if you think about it, they are green too!'
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Michael Lombardi Plumbing
and Heating
License #'s
P-1 203614
S-1 303337
F-1 10714
About Myself

I learned a lot of fundamental trade skills while working on Tarrywile dairy farm during my teenage years. I moved to the plumbing trade when I started working for my father, who sold plumbing and HVAC supplies, and I became a master plumber in 1984. When I'm not tending to leaky pipes, I like to play chess, read, and visit New York City.  

I am a contributor for Fine Home Building Magazine & FineHomeBuilding.com, you can find some of my videos and articles here:

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